Thesis Project

The Tides Have Turned

Performance Installation ー Flag Design ー Video

Two months ago, no one could have predicted where we would be today. It has been 8 weeksー56 daysーand life has since frozen even as the clock continues to tick. Amidst an uncontrollable pandemic, all aspects of normalcy have been altered. Schools are shut down, unessential business closed their doors, and humans are afraid to leave the confines of their homes. Life as we knew it may never fully recover.

I have always been someone with a head screwed tightly on my shoulders. I am a goal setter, routine follower, and overachiever, therefore quarantine and social distancing have been an extremely challenging adjustment. Ripped from my home, robbed of a traditional conclusion to my education, and separated from extended family, I have had to learn to let go of many customs built into my everyday life. In fact, every one of us has had to alter our lives with no end to this madness in sight.

My thesis project is a statement on how routines have been drastically affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The placement of 8 flags against a sea shore wall represents the past 8 weeks. Each flag symbolizes an element in our lives that we have learned to let go of over the past two months. Letting go of control, stability, and comfort is our new normal. As the tides rise and fall, the flags will be affected and eventually drift away into the ocean. The ocean is a force that will never be entirely controlled. It is also a being that reaches and connects us all around the world. We are all affected. We must learn to let go of life as we knew it.