Hello from Angela, Angie and Jiayi!

We are so thankful to have been chosen to be the 2020 BFA Thesis Branding Team, and despite the major changes this year, we are excited to present our branding and this website to showcase all of the amazing work of our peers.

A huge thank you to our faculty advisor, Professor Yael Ort-Dinoor, who helped us with every step and bump in the road, and to Evan Smith, who made this process as smooth as possible!

Our branding concept draws inspiration from the Kunsthalle and the School of Visual Arts’ rich history, and is grounded in form through the Rule of Thirds and points of interest. We were especially interested in the importance and weight of 2020 as a year, but we couldn’t have imagined back in October when we first proposed our branding, how important these inspirations and grounding concepts would be to both our practice and our thesis show as designers and artists.

We drew connections between the Kunsthalle, an ever changing art gallery with no permanent collection, and SVA, as an educational institution with rotating artists and work. With the construction of BU’s 808 Gallery, the uncertainty relating to location and thesis gallery space is not an unfamiliar feeling to the graduating seniors, and we wanted to reflect these feelings represented in the shifting of the grid and the modular use of the 2020’s within our forms.

The foundation year and the concepts taught during that year at the School of Visual Arts serve to unify us as a class, and the Rule of Thirds, a skill that is emphasized during our first year is reflected in the foundation of our branding. This 3 ✕ 3 grid system creates points of interest and allows for expansion and shifting within the space. The “✕” also emphasizes this concept, serving to highlight these points of interest and the space between them. Our color palette was created with the goal of highlighting the unique differences between the departments, while also maintaining a unified identity.

All of our inspirations deal with shift, adaptation and change, themes that became integral not only to our branding, but also serving as a defining factor of our senior year as artists and designers as we moved into virtual learning and shifting our thesis show platform digital. We are so proud of all of the hard work of our peers and insurmountable talent that is shown on this site.

Thank you for coming to Boston University’s 2020 BFA Thesis Show!

Angela, Angie and Jiayi

(Below you will find a selection of the deliverables we worked on for the branding before our thesis show went virtual. As a team, we also worked on a farewell package for the BU SVA Seniors that include the Thesis Catalogue, a tote bag, postcards and stickers)