Thesis Project

Homes are constantly reconstructed. Everyone comes from a place that has been built in a particular way to house its inhabitants. Each element has been placed with some thought and perhaps with some care to accommodate and anticipate the needs of the people living in it. Homes are built for comfort and for function. Throughout one’s childhood or early upbringing, people pick up on these elements and ingrain them into other living spaces that they occupy moving forward. These things that they carry may be physical objects that have emotions and memories attached to them, or they may be habits that they’ve adopted along the way. What people remember as their very first home serves as a structure for the homes that they build for themselves in their future.

My thesis will use my childhood home as a focused model that will help draw larger conclusions on how people construct their own homes. It looks closely at how my parents, from different cultures, moved in together and pulled elements from their respective upbringings to create a unique space for my brother and I to first call home. Their deliberate or intuitive decisions have been ingrained in me as a young adult beginning to build my own spaces to live in. As an interactive space that reconstructs elements from my own home through a lens of nostalgia and appreciation, I hope to use my thesis to push individuals to think more closely about what elements from their own childhood homes have influenced them as well, and how it has impacted the way that they build a home.