I. This work is autobiographical. Any personal connection you may feel is purely coincidental, though I don’t pretend my experiences are unique or profound. The work is founded in personal experience and personal symbolism. I do not expect you to connect to it; the work suffers no deficit if you do not connect to it. I have created paintings for and about myself and I share them with you for my own sake. Art may be selfish. Selfishness may not always be bad.

II. This work is autobiographical. I do not speak for anyone but myself. Experience and perception are subjective, but events occur objectively. I am not an impartial judge; neither is a viewer. I have learned that I have a right to control my own narrative, to tell my own story. Exercising this right does not negate someone else’s subjective narrative of the same objective events. This work is my chosen conduit for claiming ownership over my experiences in ways I previously thought were not my prerogative.

III. This work is autobiographical. It is about manipulating and being manipulated. You are receiving the world as I have received it; though I attempt to preserve some objectivity, painting is about manipulation.

IV. This work is autobiographical. I contradict myself. I share it so I may be known. To be known is to be vulnerable. I may not want to answer too many questions.

V. This work is autobiographical. I created it as a form of abreaction. I created it so that it might exist so that it might help me exist. This is symbiosis. This is part of survival.

In Conversation with Madison (1), 2019, oil on canvas, 84 x 22”

In Conversation with Madison (2), 2019, oil on canvas, 84 x 22”

Perennial, 2020, oil on canvas, 30 x 40”

Perennial (detail), 2020, oil on canvas

Narcissus, 2020, digital rendering